domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009


Ahmed AlAjmi, nos introduce en el mundo fantástico de la poesía que vibra en Bahreim. El mundo de esa enorme cultura milenaria cae en la Fragua como un susurro inmortal.

Silence of Butterfly

He has been opening this door
Each morning
Scattering his glances
On the early sleeves of light
In the absence of this ritual
His heart preferred to rest in the infinite
Time halted on his bed
His fingers stopped
On the threads of his childhood
The wood of his cabinet began to wither
His old shoes
Favoured depression
His watch
Left time alone in the room
The half broken mirror
Was unable to raise its lashes to daytime
The curtains could no more diffuse
The ceiling fan
Was the last to feel his smile
The small rug
Was still as the faintness of his feet
The lamp failed to believe
Is it true
That the one whose soul was a butterfly
Has become silent.

(Ahmed AlAjmi)

Morning in Paris

Just as the cold breeze
Combs the lashes of Paris
I rest my steps
On the banks of light
I awaken the road tiles of Champs-Elysee
I provoke the curiosity of windows
That wish to keep some of its secrets
I am unsure
May be my shoes
Will be stared at
By the semi nude man on the third floor
Or I might incite the wonder of Louver creatures
I am now coming closer
To the neighborhood
Where the heavens emerge
May be I can find a poem which Boudliard lost
Or espy a fault committed by Sartr
I also, with the same intimacy
To the remains of conversations
Left by teens the previous night
And now, I do not have proof
That I was with Cezanne
See, the silence is diminishing

AHmed Al-Ajmi

Miembro de la Sociedad de Escritores. Participó en muchas lecturas de poesía en Bahrein y en el extranjero. En Bahrein presidió los escritores durante el período 1999 - 2001.

Publicó los siguientes libros en poesía: It is reality and vision - 1987, Unraveled of lights -1990, The kermesite relightous practice -1993, The flower of fear - 1995,
The lover-1997,Its is might be me -1999, An evening in my hand -2003, Chocolate - 2006, I CAN SEE The Music - 2007, Apple and Heart - 2008, At the edge of the mouth- 2009, as it is love - 2009

Tiene un libro en prosa titulado: Waiting for oxygen

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